Getting blogging!

It turns out, despite my (in my head) youngish age….. my grasp on technology seems to be escaping me. Think I may need to polish this blog on laptop, instead of my previously trusty IPad. Damn you apple for not fulfilling all my needs in life generally. But, I’ve arrived.

So. Last night I made, what I considered quite a tasty quick meal for the girls and I (daddy was having a rare jolly to London to watch the rugby). We had butternut squash, sweet potato in a home made tomato sauce (chopped toms, veg stock, splash of wine and smidge of garlic), all cooked through with a couple of sprigs of rosemary from the garden. Served with bulgar wheat (a new one on me). My oldest, age 4, ate the wheat, but didn’t like the main. My youngest, age 1, immediately said “yuck, yuck, nooooooo” on sight and pushed it away. However, when she thought i wasn’t looking, she dragged it back and cracked on. I suspect she has a flair for the dramatic…….. Success or failure…. Hey, I enjoyed it.